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E-Mag dedicated to the latest technology news and mainly Cyberspace

Web Concept / E-Mag / E-Community / E-Resources

Copies taken from a set of graphic creations made over several weeks or even several months (samples ...).

Each photo comes from a series able to prove its authenticity. The photos presented here are in low resolution, in order to avoid any copyright abuse.

Logo - Variation

Logo - Variation

Bannière - Variation

Logo - Variation

Bannière - Variation

Logo - Variation

Logo - Variation

Graphic Start-Guide, Editorial illustration, Print and Swipebook editions, Webdesign, UX-UI Design, Photo Coverage, 2D/3D (...)

Graphic&Development Studio

Diego Piccini (da Todi)
Full Stack Programmer/Developer (back end/Front end)
Lead Developer

Graphic Arts Lead Designer
Content Manager

Company registered in France and Canada (for more information, click here).

SIREN : 411 389 216 - SIRET : 411 329 216 00028 (France) / Inc. : 661515-5 (Canada, Qc.)


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